Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Peter King on Haslett and Wuerffel

Coach of the Week

New Orleans coach Jim Haslett. There is only one way to characterize what Haslett and his staff did over the past two weeks, and that is "big league.'' Haslett knows his team. And he knows how to take care of them in an awful time like this one. A coach who is at his best when times are the worst, as Haslett has been, practicing on a high school field, facing the prospect of playing on the road for the first three weeks and being flat-line cool about it all, deserves as much praise as a coach can get.

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"We just re-learned the difference between 'want' and 'need.' How much time do we spend saying, 'We need this,' and get bent out of shape if we don't get it? Now we've got nothing, and yet we've got everything we need. We've got my wife and son and food and shelter. We feel fortunate to have that because many people don't.''

-- Former Florida and Redskins, Saints and Bears quarterback Danny Wuerffel, whose New Orleans home was destroyed by the flood. He is staying with in-laws in Florida. Wuerffel's ministry in New Orleans, Desire Street Ministries, needs help and may be contacted at www.desirestreet.org to give aid.

King begins this entry
with a plea to Tom Benson to keep the Saints where they belong, in New Orleans.

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