Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Post has another article this morning about the very real concerns over whether FEMA can manage administering more than $50 billion of federal relief, recovery and reconstruction contracts. We're going to rue the day on this one. Even if FEMA were a perfectly managed agency and existed in a clean administration, it is simply not an agency that is set up to handle money on this scale -- certainly not in a case like this which will involve rebuilding a substantial section of the country. And of course, it's not a well-run agency at the moment. And this administration is defined by cronyism and insider deals.

I just saw news over the wires that President Bush will address the nation tonight Thursday at 9 PM from Louisiana.

Democrats should be speaking with one voice on this one: accountability, an independent commission to investigate what went wrong and no insider deals with taxpayer money.

-- Josh Marshall

See a similar concern voiced by Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy below

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