Friday, December 16, 2005

BayouBuzz concurs with Blanco - Louisiana Politics and News:
"In her remarks to Congress, Governor Blanco said, “Katrina was a natural disaster. The levees failing was a man-made disaster. People would have walked home from the Superdome had the levees not failed. Congress would not be having these hearings had the levees not failed”.

'If families don´t feel safe, they won´t come home,' she said. 'We experienced a structural failure of our levee system. It needs to be repaired immediately and then strengthened, so our families can come home.'

She is totally right.

While some members of Congress and some media are trying to pin the flood blame on a whole host of Louisiana and New Orleans deficiencies without looking elsewhere, the problem is the canal floodwalls failed and the water came flooding. The reality is that tens of thousands of innocent people have had their lives change forever and need the federal government to repair their lives especially since the federal government through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers appear culpable in the design, construction, supervision and inspection of the levees along with private firms and local agencies."
It's hard to avoid the truth that Katrina fatigue is just another name for beint tight-fisted.

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