Friday, December 16, 2005

Confirmed! Benson is truly barking mad.

KRT Wire :
"And what would a cold, damp December night be without a Tom Benson update.

WWL Radio's Kenny Wilkerson told us that Benson met with Saints' front-office personnel on Wednesday and told them that the club's Metairie practice facility, built entirely at taxpayers' expense, was not available because FEMA and the National Guard had yet to vacate the premises, and that greater New Orleans was 'uninhabitable.'

No word on whether his pants were on fire."

Could we make that last line into a bumper sticker?

"Finger affirmed a heavily discussed story involving Benson telling his staff in San Antonio that New Orleans was 'unlivable':

'Benson has told his staff that a return to Louisiana isn't possible, saying the state doesn't have the infrastructure to support the Saints while it recovers from Hurricane Katrina.'

Finger further notes the blatantly obvious:

'Benson, who already has severed ties with many employees who were in favor of staying in New Orleans, is pushing to keep the team based in San Antonio and to play home games in the Alamodome, which is keeping most of its fall 2006 weekends open to accommodate the team.'

And obviously, the San Antonio Express-News is doing its part for Benson by skewing the truth."

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