Friday, December 16, 2005

The Corps' reaction to the Bush plan
"The Army Corps of Engineers said the plan for improved levees that is being pushed by President George Bush is a good one for the areas where levees breached but will do nothing to protect the Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans East or St. Bernard Parish.
“The authorized level for this project does not resist the Katrina storm in these areas,” said Don Hitchings of the Corps.

The plan calls for closing off the levees at the London Avenue, Orleans Avenue and 17th Street Canals by June 1, 2006.

In addition the levees will be built over with concrete and pumping stations would be positioned near Lake Pontchartrain within two years.

The plans are based on the standard of a true Category-3 and Congress used 100 miles per hour winds as their gauge for satisfactory flood protection in the short term.

The Corps has also been given two years to come up with a proposal for Category-5 protection."

Yes, the Lower 9th, East NO, and St. Bernard are left out of this plan. Let's hope that this really is just a "down payment," and not the "whole nut."

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