Friday, December 16, 2005

Main points of the President's levee plan.

Fact Sheet: Protecting New Orleans From Future Flooding:
"Billion For The U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers.

Before the start of next hurricane season, the existing Federal levee system will have been restored, including:

* Rebuilding and raising levees and floodwalls to their design height;
* Correcting design and construction flaws; and
* Accounting for settling and compaction.
* By the end of 2005, we expect to have repaired all breached areas.
* We are also dedicating $250 million of these funds to high priority wetlands restoration efforts that will also provide additional flood and storm protection to the greater New Orleans area.

Providing Better And Stronger Protection - An Additional $1.5 Billion

Today, Federal Coordinator For Gulf Coast Rebuilding Donald Powell Announced New Actions To Provide Additional Safety And Security Measures In Order To Address The Large-Scale, Catastrophic Effects Of Another Hurricane Katrina. By providing safety and security for the residents of New Orleans, these actions will promote a favorable climate for reinvestment and new economic enterprise.

The additional protections include:

* Accelerating the completion of previously authorized levee projects;
* Armoring levees to improve reliability;
* Closing the three interior canals (17th Street, Orleans, and London Avenue);
* Installing state-of-the-art pump stations at the lakefront; and
* Raising the existing non-Federal levees to Federal design standards.

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