Saturday, December 24, 2005

Congress provides nice chunk of change for recovery.
On Thursday, Congress passed the Defense Appropriations Bill that was sent over by the Senate Wednesday night which included 29 billion dollars for the Gulf Coast and excluded provisions related to ANWR drilling.
States such as Louisiana who were hard hit by Katrina and Rita have been totally uncertain of their fates since they have been crippled by the hurricanes.
The House of Representatives passed the Senate’s correction to the Defense Appropriations Bill that was passed late Wednesday night by the Senate. The bill reallocates $29 billion from FEMA to immediate, direct hurricane relief for Gulf Coast residents.
“This bill includes immediate, much-needed relief the people of the Gulf Coast have had to wait far too long for,” said Sen. Landrieu.
“The outlook was cloudy yesterday morning as our vital hurricane relief funding was stalled by a political standoff over a section of land more than 3,000 miles away,” Sen. Landrieu said.


Basey the Barber said...

I saw a story of Pacific Islanders having to leave their Atol due to the rising water level. Living below Sea level is just a little dicey if you ask me.

bayoustjohndavid said...

Unfotunately $24B of that was unspent money from the earlier $62B aid package and not all of the $29B wasn't exactly aid to La. and Miss. -- reimbursement for expenses incurred by schools taking in evacuees, military base repairs,etc. Puts area leaders in a bind, if they point that out now they look ungrateful and greedy, if they don't, they may have to fight the perception that La. and Miss. have already received over $90B to help Katrina victims.