Sunday, December 11, 2005

Meet the Press discusses New Orleans

E.J. Dionne has this to say::
"You know, it's remarkable, one month and the war on poverty was over. I mean, it's the shortest war on poverty on record. All kinds of columnists, David and me included, were writing columns about different approaches to deep problems that Katrina unearthed. Lobbyists--the poor don't have K Street lobbyists. They're not in the center of our politics. "
You'll have to scroll down nearly to the end to find the discussion. The pundits applied some mild heat to Bush. Not much, but it's maybe a start. Anyway they seemed to want to say that Bush was embarrassed by New Orleans and hoped it would just go away.

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bayoustjohndavid said...

It was interesting to hear Brooks say: "I don't want to absolve the president" and then go on to blame the people of N.O. What kept it from being infuriating was that Russert cut him off, saying we can at least rebuild the levees. Coming from Russert, that could be a cause for optimism.