Friday, December 16, 2005

This may be some consolation to New Orleanians who are dealing with chiselling insurance companies.

Even Trent Lott is having trouble with those guys. We heard on the radio that he's in such financial straits over this that he may have to retire. It's an ill wind . . .
Yahoo! News:
"The case is part of an ongoing wind-versus-water-damage showdown between insurance companies and thousands of storm victims. The issue is whether a wind-driven storm surge is the same as flooding. The companies contend they shouldn't have to pay for water damage for those who did not have flood policies.

'Today I have joined in a lawsuit against my longtime insurance company because it will not honor my policy, nor those of thousands of other south Mississippians, for coverage against wind damage due to Hurricane Katrina,' said Lott, R-Miss. 'There is no credible argument that there was no wind damage to my home in Pascagoula.'"

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