Thursday, December 15, 2005

Blanco wants bill drafted for levee district overhaul

Apparently consolidation of levee boards is still very much on the table. It's probably one of the conditions that congress will insist on before approving a new levee program.
Times Picayune:
"The governor's desire for a fast-track change in the levee governing system is a signal that she may now have embraced a levee-consolidation initiative launched by Sen. Walter Boasso, R-Arabi, during a special session in November. At the time Blanco said she was not opposed to Boasso's bill, but she did not actively support it. The proposal was killed in the House despite strong support from the business community.

Boasso said Wednesday that he, like Blanco, supports a two-step process of quick overhaul followed by the longer-term timeline of constitutional changes.

'This is a topic that can't wait 'til past the first week of February,' said Boasso, referring to when a special session is likely to end. Without a special session, the next opportunity for a bill would come during the regular session, March 27 to June 19."

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