Saturday, December 24, 2005

Better levees=cheaper gas? I like the argument, Sidney.

The Daily Advertiser
ROUGE - Securing a share of offshore oil and gas revenues is crucial to the state being able to restore its coastline and build levees strong and tall enough to withstand powerful hurricanes, a coalition of state, parish and congressional officials said Wednesday. Parishes Against Coastal Erosion and the America's Wetland Campaign offer an online petition at their Web sites ( and www.americaswetland. com) asking state residents to urge congressional approval of sharing the $5 billion the federal government earns each year from production off Louisiana's coast.
. . . . . . .
Sidney Coffee, Gov. Kathleen Blanco's adviser on coastal issues and chair of the new Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, said the nation got a taste of Louisiana's importance when hurricanes Katrina and Rita shut down oil and gas production and oil prices skyrocketed.

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