Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Streetcars will roll on Sunday.

Times Picayune:
"On Sunday morning, New Orleans will get some of its rhythm back when its streetcars roll again.

Monday's experiment in which a historic green Perley Thomas streetcar, one of the 35 workhorses from the St. Charles Avenue line, was tested on the Canal Street and Riverfront tracks 'was so successful' that the Regional Transit Authority bumped up the start date for returning service to the Riverfront line and a portion of the Canal line.

The RTA initially announced partial service would return by Christmas Eve or earlier. On Tuesday, after staff meetings to review the Monday test, the administration opted to proceed with the 'earlier' option, said Gerald Robichaux, the RTA's deputy general manager for operations.

'It's important to the psyche of the city,' Downtown Development District Executive Director Kurt Weigle said about the partial return of the streetcar system."

The streetcars were always one of my favorite features of New Orleans when I lived there. When things got to be too stressful for me in graduate school at Tulane, I could always hop a ride down to the CBD with my buddies Ellen and John, and just get away from the pressure. I loved it when I lived on Perrier and could walk a few blocks and get to class on the streetcar, or just head over to Carrollton for the ride. The Canal st. - Riverfront route is a great start to restoring the whole system.

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