Friday, December 16, 2005

Big story: Bush finally proposes levee plan

Online NewsHour:
"DONALD POWELL: Well, this is the second phase, Margaret, of the president's initiative to rebuild the levees stronger and better. And the second phase includes, as the mayor outlined a moment ago, it includes three areas.

First of all, it includes closing the three internal canals. And it also includes arming the existing canals with concrete and stone to make them much, much stronger.

And the third component is, is rebuilding pumping stations at the mouth of the canals where the water will flow back into the lake.

One thing I might add also is there are $250 million committed to restoration of wetlands. And there is a long-term study part of that, that the commitment is in excess of $4.5 million to study the entire hurricane protection agenda."

In other stories -- Chalmette, St. Bernard still unprotected. More later.

Update: I've bumped this, so that you can see it next to the reactions -- read especially the ones from Van Heerden and the Corps of Engineers.

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