Monday, December 12, 2005

Should New Orleans be planning Mardi Gras now?

These people have a point. Mardi Gras will be used as an excuse not to fund the recovery, just like "corruption," "being below sea level" and lots of other excuses.
Atlanta Journal and Constitution: "'No doubt it's one of the biggest parties in the world,' Barth said. But if TV viewers see lavish parades, rowdy drinking and women exposing their breasts for beads, 'I'm afraid they'll either think, 'Why should we send them money when they're partying instead of rebuilding the Ninth Ward?' or they'll think, 'They don't look so bad off to me' and believe New Orleans has recovered.'"
WTVY : "Evacuees from New Orleans plan a protest today in Atlanta to the city's plan to hold Mardi Gras celebrations in two months.
An angry and raucous crowd of evacuees chastised New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin last week for approving the festival. He told the crowd he actually opposed celebrating the festival but tourism leaders forced his hand. In Atlanta, a group plans a protest at 2 p-m today on West Peachtree Street ahead of tonight's Saints-Falcons game."

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