Friday, December 16, 2005

NO city council -- blind, racist, or just plain stupid? | :
"The City Council took action Thursday that could delay FEMA trailers for hurricane evacuees, citing plans to place the makeshift homes in some locations unsuitable for such housing.

The council voted unanimously to override Mayor Ray Nagin's veto of an ordinance giving council members the power to block temporary trailer parks in their districts.

Nagin said before Thursday's council meeting the ordinance could delay trailers for evacuees from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. But council members said FEMA wanted to establish trailer parks in historic areas and playgrounds unsuitable for such development.

'There are alternative sites we have given to the administration so that we could work together,' said Council member Renee Gill Pratt.

Nagin was in Washington and unavailable for comment. 'He hopes to continue to work with the City Council to bring New Orleanians home,' said Tammy Frazier of Nagin's press office."

Local politics! As always there are plenty of bad actors. As always you just know that race is at the bottom of this. So much for concern for acting in a unified way, solidarity and all that. Asses!

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