Friday, December 16, 2005

LSU expert Van Heerden on Bush's plan :
Angela: Is the plan enough?
Van Heerden: It’s just the beginning. Bringing it back to pre-Katrina levels will only give us enough protection for a Category-2 or a fast-moving Category-3 storm. If we had a slow moving Category-3 pass west of the city, it could still flood the whole city.
Angela: What do you think of the concept of closing the canals and armoring the levees in concrete?
Van Heerden: Both are very good ideas. The armoring would certainly keep some of the levees that got overtopped from being breached and putting pump stations at the lake, really adds to the strength of the system because you can incorporate the system into the Lake levees.
Angela: What about the Lower Ninth and St. Bernard?
Van Heerden: Until we come up with floodgates to deal with the flood intensification in the funnel and also the potential of waves crossing MRGO from Lake Borgne and chewing up the MRGO levees, no, this isn’t going to help at all."

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