Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bollinger talks levees with Bush. | The Courier :
"With President Bush, Bollinger had weightier conversation, and he didn’t hesitate to deliver some advice to the nation’s leader, chief of staff and the head of the Republican Party.

'I said it is very important he make a statement out of the White House about the government’s plan on hurricane protection,' said Bollinger. 'The president is fully aware of the problems and the issues, and he realizes that it’s very important that he makes a statement on it as soon as possible. He’s very much on top of the issue and he is fully aware of the problems Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are facing.'

So is Bollinger, who New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin appointed to the city’s Bring New Orleans Back Commission and Gov. Kathleen Blanco’s Louisiana Recovery Authority, which is empowered to guide the state through the rebuilding process."

Maybe someone from his own party can convince Bush to listen to Louisiana's troubles. I'm still doubtful that it will change much though.
(Thanks to Houma native Blagueurette for the tip.)

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