Saturday, December 10, 2005

Another reason to dislike Lieberman.

And a surprise, Stevens has been converted by his visit to N.O. :
"There is an extra federal responsibility in cases where levees fail,' he said, urging other senators to co-sign a letter to the Department of Justice pressing for relief for flooded-out homeowners.

Sen. Stevens is absolutely right. The federal government has great responsibility for this disaster. The government built the levees and canals that were supposed to protect us. Those levees failed miserably, and post-storm investigations have shown that our flood protection system was built to far lesser standards than the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had promised.

Those of us who were flooded out of our homes and scattered across the country appreciate the senator's arguments on our behalf.

Unfortunately, Sen. Stevens wasn't able to persuade committee Chairwoman Susan Collins and Vice Chairman Joe Lieberman to go along. The committee, which is investigating the government's response to Katrina, will be looking at the levee breaches in the coming weeks, and Sens. Collins and Lieberman said they hadn't come to any conclusions yet.

Sen. Stevens has had the benefit of seeing our flooded homes and broken levees in person, and he doesn't need further persuasion. 'People have suffered an enormous loss,' he argued. 'We have to have greater funding for these people who suffered a man-made, not just a natural, disaster.'

Congress, he said, has failed to comprehend the difference. Perhaps Sen. Stevens can help them understand."
It's a sad day when an alleged Democrat is unable to agree on relief for disaster victims with an old mossback conservative free-marketer like Stevens. If he hasn't seen enough evidence, most recently from the admissions of the Corpse of Engineers itself, then he hasn't bee reading the news. But then Stevens bothered to visit. Lieberman is too busy auditioning for Secretary of Defence.

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