Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Feds don't seem interested in helping N.O recovery.

Gulf Coast Resurrection Rests on Who Pays - Yahoo! News:
"Louisiana's congressional delegation introduced legislation in September calling for a $212 billion federally funded rebuilding effort; fiscal conservatives scotched the proposal.

Even a more modest request for $32 billion to strengthen Louisiana's flood defenses so they could withstand a Category 5 hurricane — the current standard is Category 3 — has drawn a tepid response from the Bush administration.

'Hopefully that decision will be made sooner rather than later,' said Donald Powell, the White House's top hurricane reconstruction official, during a recent trip to Louisiana.

Only the federal government has pockets deep enough to pay for a massive reconstruction effort. But there is a significant difference of opinion over whether — and if so, how — the government should raise the money."

Doesn't Donald Powell inspire you with confidence? Hopefully . . . sooner rather than later. Hopefully.

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