Thursday, December 08, 2005

More fingers pointing to Corpse of Engineers

Evidence points to man-made disaster:
"So far, the scope of the disaster, and the human element central to it, have only begun to sink in among political leaders and agency heads, including the corps, which is at the center of all the inquiries. The corps has declined to comment on the causes of the levee failures, pending the outcome of its own studies.

People familiar with the agency say the disaster means things might never be the same.

'In the old days the corps used to get criticized for being way too conservative in their designs,' said Don Sweeney, a corps economist for 22 years who left after exposing irregularities in the agency's economic impact statements and now teaches at the University of Missouri. 'They would design a structure with a safety factor of 4 or 5. They did have that reputation of building things with integrity that were built to last. And if they said it was built to do something, it would do it.'"

Blageurette continues to be right.

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