Friday, December 09, 2005

New Orleans a study in "Negative Capability"

New Orleans Update: Devastated and Recovering, All in the Same Breath:
"Damaged or no, the local dedication to joie de vivre remains, and just the other day, there was a second line, down Claiborne Avenue and up to and past the Mother-in-Law Lounge, to welcome everyone back. The officials at Jazz Fest formally announced that it will take place on the usual last weekend in April and first weekend in May, at the racetrack, just like always, even though they don't know much more about its shape than that. Mardi Gras will go on, though arguments persist about the length of the celebration, with most Krewes demanding their parade time now more than ever, and the city, short on funds thanks to limited tax base, fretting that it can't provide enough security to cover the event. Some worry that demonstrating that New Orleans is still a place for a party will prevent the outside world from understanding just how deeply the city is still hurting. If that's so, then perhaps that outside world needs a lesson in negative capability."
John Keats would have been proud.
Frommers is a very big tourism service. This sympathetic article will help the tourist trade, at least.

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