Thursday, December 08, 2005

Your rights as a property owner in NO.

dBusinessNews :
"The best way to make sure that you receive a fair compensation for your claim is to know your rights as a property owner:

To have a QUALIFIED claim adjuster personally view and submit a report on your damage claim in a timely fashion: Even if an adjuster from the insurance company has already seen your claim, you have the right to hire an outside source to inspect and create an additional report on your damage and have the insurance company pay for the report.

To reject any offer made by the insurance company: You do not have to accept any offer that you feel is unfair by the insurance company. By law, insurance companies only have to tender an offer to their policyholders within 1 year.

To claim 'bad faith' by any insurance carrier that is not fulfilling its obligation to you: There is already one lawsuit filed by a Louisiana attorney against the insurance carrier AIG."

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