Sunday, December 04, 2005

Advocate: Another take on the document dump.

The article opens with the insinuation that Blanco's staff was neglecting recovery duties to look after her image. But this was mostly in response to the White House offensive to portray Blanco as weak.
It's clear from the e-mails that the Blanco administration felt Bush and his aides were behind the withering assault on the governor's image. The president also was criticized for the federal government's lackadaisical response.

According to an e-mail written four days after Katrina came ashore, Mann stated Sept. 1 that Mike McCurry, press secretary for President Bill Clinton, was warning that the White House was mounting a "full-blown PR disaster/scandal."

It's hard to doubt this, since the offensive against Blanco is still in progress, and according to opinion polls, it is working.

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