Friday, December 09, 2005

Fema defends itself by blaming Louisiana. Again. News - FEMA outlines La. failures 12/09/05:
"Denise Bottcher, spokeswoman for Gov. Kathleen Blanco, disputed FEMA's claims that the state was unprepared.

'We were at the ready with boats and helicopters, but we didn't have enough,' Bottcher said. 'And we asked early and often for resources.'

Blanco hopes to set the record straight next week when she appears before Congress to discuss the state's emergency preparedness plan, Bottcher said.

'I think it's well established that Katrina outgunned the system,' Bottcher said. She said the state was able to evacuate 1 million people and rescue tens of thousands."
More business as usual from the worst bureaucracy in all fed-dom.

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