Friday, December 09, 2005

Return of streetcars. (A Desire named Streetcar? Nah.)

Dateline Alabama:
"All but one of the new red cars that run along the Mississippi River and on Canal Street were ruined by flood waters, although their tracks were not damaged.

On Monday, the Regional Transit Authority will use a dump truck to tow one of the green cars to Canal Street in hopes of restoring some service.

'If the power system works there, and there's a good chance it will, we'll do a trial run on Canal Street,' said Regional Transit Authority spokeswoman Rosalind Blanco Cook. 'We're hopint it will work out."
The lines are down on St. Charles St. and the cars are ruined on Canal. So they're going to use a St. Charles car on Canal's good lines. It may not be much, but for me New Orleans ain't the same without the street cars. I was around in the 50s when they destroyed most of the cars and replaced wthem with busses. It's been great to see them extending the Canal st. line ant the one on the Riverfront. Maybe one day, it will be possible to complete the old circle route, taking you from the foot of Canal to Carrollton back down St. Charles to Canal. Or Imagine a street car out to the West End, or down into the French Quarter. I can dream, can't I?

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