Thursday, December 08, 2005

Takin out da trash.

New Orleans CityBusiness -- New Orleans CityBusiness: "Before approaching the dumpsite, trucks are triaged by a crew on Claiborne Avenue examining load size. The dump site accommodates trucks ranging in size from retrofitted pickups to full-size tractor trailers. The crew compares the cargo with the maximum capacity marked on the side of the truck and issues a load ticket.

At the dump, a driver presents the load ticket to an assigned watchtower. An inspector hangs over the side of the tower, draws up a rope holding the clipboard and ticket and reviews the truck’s contents.

This ritual is critical to Hamp’s and other subcontractors who are paid by the number of cubic yards of debris delivered to the dump."
That's 1.5 million cubic yards of it so far. Gotta get us some new trashbags, Ernestine.

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